Delivering health behavior change at scale

Continuity between visits

Addressing the behavioral aspects of staying healthy whether the patient has a chronic disease or risk factors leading to one, is a requirement to succeed at population health. Whether it is diabetes, heart and lung disease or obesity, improved outcomes depend on getting patients engaged with their health, adhering to treatment plans and making the necessary lifestyle changes. Many patients need a continuous nudge from their providers to stay on track with treatment plans and develop better habits that lead to sustainable health improvements.

Frequent light touch interactions

Improving the health and well-being of chronic care patients depends on improving the small things they do in their day-to-day lives. Our experience shows that accountability and frequent follow-up are key to creating these healthy habits. Taking a couple minutes per patient per week, these multiple lightweight touch points to monitor, communicate and educate are more effective and less time consuming than follow-up phone calls. Regular office visits are more focused and productive. Patients with this level of support from health care staff are more likely to reach their goals than those without. This person-to-person guidance, accountability, social support cannot be reproduced by software alone, but it can be enhanced and made cost effective by the right software.

Digital Health Platform

Our behavior change coaching platform and mobile app is built from the ground-up to provide easy-to-use tools for your team to start supporting their patients in minutes. Our approach is based on social learning and social medicine, the latest behavior change science and motivational coaching methodology. The platform uniquely delivers tools to both staff and patients. It improves staff - patient communication by providing “just-in-time” feedback, support and education. The staff dashboard makes patient management straightforward and efficient. The patient mobile app is a unique, intuitive journal, integrating goal-setting, communication and learning features that involve and motivate patients. The platform can be used in chronic condition management, weight management and behavioral health.

The Results

Getting healthier is typically a long intermittent process often with starts and stops before new behaviors really stick. Patients need an ongoing conversation about health, with people they trust. Habitworks delivers the results of over-the-phone interactions without the inconvenience of scheduling and phone tag. It enables lightweight touch points between office visits, making visits are more informed and focused. Habitworks creates communication efficiencies, making it possible to scale health coaching. Habitworks enables staff to manage many more patients without additional time, resulting in better patient outcomes at lower costs.