Primary care is changing.

At risk patients are receiving new levels of high touch, personalized follow-up care. The focus is on making the necessary life and lifestyle changes to improve health. Care managers are working with more than the highest risk patients, intervening before problems get worse. Population health programs are expanding prevention and looking for new ways of engaging patients in making the necessary changes in lifestyle and health behaviors. The dilemma is delivering these high touch services cost effectively and at scale. Habitworks increases the capacity of healthcare settings to deliver this level of high touch care and better outcomes..

Habitworks keeps the at risk populations healthier by providing a cost-effective means of engaging these patients. Real engagement means that patients actively set meaningful goals while staff help and nudge. Habitworks enables patients to create actionable planstrack progress, learn from their mistakes and adjust their plans needed. This increases their confidence and motivation to work toward their health goals. Habitworks provides staff with easy to use view of patients’ progress so they can encourage andguide with requent, quick, light touch messages that help patients maintain motivation between sessions. Staff can provide education one message and resource at a time or they can automate a health curriculum to groups of patients with similar needs.

Habitworks is a continuous learning and support environment for staff as well. It provides behavior change content and amethodology and structure that provides guidance for staff Habitworks includes suggested messages, straightforward health “curriculum”, opportunities for sharing best practices and access to expert supervision. Third party health content can be integrated as well.

Habitworks can be used for specific chronic condition population health programs, . It can also be integrated into daily care management practices and used by a range of practitioners such as health coaches, nutritionists, clinical pharmacists, nurses and physicians

Improving outreach, engagement and outcomes

Engaging members in chronic disease management programs is critical, but time consuming and expensive. Your nursing staff is struggling to reach members but the engagement results are low. Habitworks changes that, by providing a mobile and web app that for member outreach and engagement. It eases the burden of phone-based chronic care programs by providing a communication channel members prefer and reinforces member activation.

Nurses, accustomed to reaching members by phone or mail, will find a quick andeffective way to contact members via Habitworks that allows members to respond at times convenient for them . Mulitple lightweight touch points are more effective and less time consuming that follow-up phone calls.

Habitworks connects nurses and members with information they need about condition management, lifestyle factors, screening, prevention and follow-up, Habitworks enables nurse/case managers to more effectively guide, educate and support healthy behavior change in their members. You know what information is most impactful for your patients. Use Habitworks to put that information into your patients’ hands at the “right” time and in an easy-to-use way. Create an archive of articles, links to helpful websites and videos that can be accessed with a click and sent to an individual or group of patients with another click.

Habitworks is successful because it uses more frequent, but shorter interactions. These high-touch, low-effort interactions actually save staff time and increase engagement rates. The efficiency of the Habitworks platform means you can expand your programs outside of chronic care to wellness too, letting all your members benefit from your skilled nursing staff without over-taxing that staff. Members select health goals, tracks activities and the system delivers progress feedback and a relevant tips and information based on a personalized curriculum.

A New Way of Getting Your Clients to Their Health Goals

Habitworks improves the ability of health coaches to help clients by giving you a quick and easy-to-use way to deliver real-time feedback and support to your clients when they need it most . When your clients face day-to-day obstacles to change or when they practice new skills, they benefit greatly from quick suggestions, reminders and nudges. It takes less than five minutes a week to stay in touch with your clients, provide timely nudges or answer a pressing question. Your sessions are more informed, more focused and your clients are happier and making more progress.

The Habitworks coaching product integrates the latest research in behavior change and motivational coaching methodologies. Its flexibility allows you to use a range of health content, or you can integrate your own materials. The goals and health content are fully configurable. You can share resources with a click of a button or you can set up an automated weekly curriculum for clients.

There is no cost for trial use of the Habitworks platform for up to five clients.

Contact Habitworks for a trial with you clients and ask for pricing for larger use.

Flexible, easy-to-use tools for your team to start supporting their patients in minutes.

The behavior change coaching solution is a fully HIPAA compliant, mobile application and hosted web application that enables communication and coaching. The solution is a unique combination of patient and staff social learning features. The patient app is organized as an easy to use journal for health. The staff side is a full patient/client management Web application that focuses on communication, monitoring and education. The application integrates seamlessly with existing health IT solutions, health devices and consumer apps. The platform can be used for chronic condition management, weight management and behavioral health.

The solution is based on the proven model of a continuous feedback loop fundamental to adult learning and behavior change processes - assessment, goal-setting, activity tracking and feedback. We have added a of learning and communication layer, based on Habitwork’s approach to changing habits and the role of accountability to improve health behaviors.

The mobile patient interface translates care planning, goal-setting, feedback into a user friendly, approachable “habit journal”. Progress feedback, messaging, resources show up in a daily feed, a model intuitively familiar to consumer application users. The tracking and feedback functionality has a unique focus on reflection and dialogue. It additionally nudges patient toward a weekly cadence of awareness and mindfulness. Standard progress visualizations, notifications and bio-metric tracking are all available.

The staff tools are fully configurable, designed to easily fit into busy schedules requiring very little additional time. The model supports multiple, lightweight touch points between office visits. It is easy to scan for progress or problems, and provide the right support. Sample templated messages, one to many communication capabilities and a library of tips enables staff to interact efficiently. Standard patient management, health IT integration and reporting capabilities are also easy to use.

A library of easily sharable content contains over 100 short articles about health and behavior change. The unique emphasis is common roadblocks and strategies related to health goals, rather than the common model of health guidelines and related benefits. The roadblock/strategy model supports coaches helping patients problem solve the realties of adopting new health behaviors in their lives. The content can be assigned in the form of a weekly curriculum, providing an additional level of automation to the delivery of relevant content. In addition to providing behavior change content to patients, the solution is designed to support staff learning and sharing of best practices.